What are MQDs?

How to get your Delta spend (MQDs) for Cheap!

Delta was the first airline to attach a spending requirement to their elite status requirements for members living in the United States, if you “live” abroad you can get a waiver, but for most US flyers you need to fulfill the requirements which vary depending on each status level but vary between 3000-15,000 in “spending” or MQDs depending on the level you wish to obtain.

Are you a frequent Delta flyer with significant MQMs who misses out on upgrades because of your low MQD count and stuck at Gold when you could be a Delta Platinum or Diamond? 

We have published dozens of deals that allow you to maximize the value you get from each flight. We developed the MQD Ratio model that shows how many MQDs you can obtain per Dollar spent on Partner Airlines.

If you fly Delta this value is always below 1 as certain taxes and fees are not used in the calculation of MQDs. But when flying partner airlines, MQDs are calculated as a % of flown distance (0% to even 60% of distance) and it’s very possible to find ratios of 2, 3 or in some cases 7 to 1.